The Assessor/Recorder is the most underutilized position in San Francisco.  As a result of negligence on the part of appointed career politicians with little to no understanding of San Francisco real estate, the office has dropped the ball in its responsibilities of vital real estate statistics. A full and comprehensive understanding of our housing is paramount to help ease the housing crisis. This understanding can help guide City Hall, supervisors and the mayor in crafting well informed legislation that can help our citizens. 


Once our housing is understood, it is the responsibility of the Assessor/Recorder to fairly apply all applicable laws of taxation, both state and local.  The key to a fair and open process is removing the mystery from how the office of the Assessor/Recorder interprets and applies the data collected on each property.  Clear explanation of the methodology applied to the assessment process, as well as an open view of the data collected by the office, will ensure that property owners are empowered.


Once we have the pillars of understanding and fairness are in place, the third pillar of my campaign is an outreach program educating the public about additional taxes owners could face if they decide to help. Well informed homeowners are paramount to mounting a city wide effort to ease the housing crisis.

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I’d like to share my story. I became enamored with San Francisco when I moved here in 2002. Getting off the plane, and feeling excited to finally live in San Francisco...



We've dug into the data to create a blog that help solve the housing problems facing San Francisco.  We're starting a conversation that we want you to be a part of.

“San Francisco was a community built on opportunity - that together we could build one another up and work towards a better future for everyone, not merely the wealthy.” - Paul

Paid for by Paul Bellar for Assessor/Recorder 2018. Financial disclosures are available at sfethics.org.